What are the different types of livestock farming by different types of animals?

Livestock is a very important sector for developing the rural economy. This work consists of multiplying animals for human use. In developed countries, it is mainly about the production of meat, eggs and milk. On the other hand, for developing countries, animal husbandry proves to be a set of activities allowing to reach wealth and prestige. There are different types of breeding, namely: cage breeding, floor breeding, outdoor breeding among others. Some animals require special breeding such as chickens, which explains these breeding classifications.

Cattle and sheep farming

Cattle breeding concerns animals of the species "Bos taurus" such as beef and cow or zebu. This domestication consists of breeding more cattle for a "savings account" or to market their meat. Domesticated cattle feed mainly on grasses. Cattle breeding depends on the breed, category and also on the type of cattle. Sheep farming is particularly important for sheep. Humans use sheep to make clothes, to make cheese from their milk, and also to sell their meat. Lambs are fed with fodder and protein-rich feed.

Goat and horse breeding

Goat rearing is the set of activities aimed at reproducing goats, always for the benefit of human activity. Goats are among those animals that are easy to domesticate because they are resistant to climate change while adapting to any topography. This is why it is strongly recommended to breed goats in less developed countries. These animals are fed with a mixture of cereals and cake. The equine breeding brings together the breeding of domestic equids. To engage in this activity, you must love and understand horses. This is really essential because they need more attention than other domestic animals. Equine breeding is more and more successful nowadays, thanks to the development of equestrian activities.

Pig farming and poultry farming

Pig farming aims to raise pigs for human consumption. This sector of activity is carried out in three periods which are birth, post-weaning and fattening. Their health must be ensured on a daily basis so that the meat can be properly consumed. Poultry or poultry farming, on the other hand, involves birds or poultry. The most common types of rearing for these animals are cage rearing and free-range rearing. Anyone can practice this type of farming because it is the easiest and most common type of farming in all countries of the world. Poultry farming involves chickens, roosters, ducks, turkeys and others.
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