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Will animal nutrition become exclusively organic?

There are different types of animal food manufacturers and vendors. The products they use are different from each other. It is important to make the right choice when buying and especially to favour organic products for the health of the…

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What are the specific regulations for seed treatments?

Seed treatment is a means of protecting seedlings from certain diseases or insect pests. The use of plant protection products is part of seed treatment. But what are the specific regulations for seed treatments? The effects of the Ecophyto plan…

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All you need to know about the Plant Breeders’ Right Certificate

The PBR is a certificate that has been created to defend the activity of plant breeder of any plant material. It allows an exchange of payment on the part of the harvest. Thus, it authorizes the use of protected varieties…

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Why is France the country of seeds?

France is the leading seed promoter in Europe and the leading universal exporter, ahead of the United States and the Netherlands. In the region, when a farmer reseeds a part of his harvest from seeds that can be certified, it…

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Wheat harvesting: learn about online courses

As the most widely used type of grain in the agri-food industry, the demand for wheat production and exports continues to grow. However, the price of wheat in the agricultural market has been fluctuating steadily. Sometimes the price goes up,…

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