What are the agriculture-livestock relationships?

Published on : 18 March 20203 min reading time

Agriculture and livestock farming have been practised for millennia. They are classified as primary activities. A large part of the world’s population lives from agriculture and livestock. These are activities that guarantee the survival of human beings. Indeed, the outputs of these activities are the basis of our food supply. It is possible to combine agriculture and livestock farming. Many farmers benefit from combining agriculture and livestock farming. This makes it possible to make the most of available resources. There are several agriculture-livestock relationships that can be exploited.

Animal power at the service of agriculture

Today’s farmers use machines designed to work the land. It is important to know that animals can be used instead of these machines. Oxen can plough the land. This will make the best use of the resources that are at hand. Traditionally, rice farmers use animal power. For the transport of produce, animal power is also used. For products that are delivered close to the plantation, carts are used in some countries. These means of transport need to be pulled by oxen or horses. This saves both money and energy. Animals make it easier for people to work.

Fertilizing soil with animal excrement

The soil needs to be nourished to be fertile. Using fertilizers is the best way to fertilize the soil. Several types of fertilizers are available in the market. When raising animals, you don’t have to buy fertilizer. In fact, animal manure is an organic fertilizer. By mixing animal manure with food waste, you can make very rich fertilizers to fertilize the soil. It is no longer necessary to budget for fertilizer purchases. Concentrated soils of ox dung are very fertile soils. Going around the estates to collect animal excrements must become a reflex for farmers.

Planting animal feed yourself

Animals need to be cared for. Special attention must be paid to their feeding. Using the cultivated land to plant animal feed is a way to combine the two activities. Investing in animal feed involves a separate expense for farmers. Land that has been put to rest is often covered with greenery. It is not even necessary to spend entire sections on feed. It is an opportunity to let ruminants enjoy the green plants without worrying about other feeds. Seeds, vegetables and other food waste are turned into feed. This is the basis of food for some animals such as poultry.

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