CBI: recycling and good reuse!

Today, recovery is a stage in the life of certain packaging that can be reused several times before being considered as waste to be destroyed. This is the case of 1000L containers (IBCs) which can be washed or rebuilt (changing…

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How to choose your plastic container?

Why choose a plastic container? And above all, why choose this type of container? Plastic is a preferred material for packaging, transporting and storing various products. The advantages are numerous: lightness and solidity, long life, better hygiene conditions, high level…

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Choosing your retention container

Companies and local authorities storing and handling products representing a risk of pollution in the event of possible leaks are obliged to use a suitable retention solution. In front of the multitude of references that we propose, it is sometimes…

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IBCs for the transport of dangerous goods

An IBC or IBC in full ‘Intermediate Bulk Container’ or ‘Intermediate Bulk Container’. This is a container that is used for bulk goods (ores, cereals, etc.) or large capacities of liquids. It may be used for the packaging of dangerous…

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The IBC container in industry and agriculture

IBCs are widely used in all areas of industry. It is a type of packaging that offers many advantages in terms of transport and storage. Easy to handle because it is the width of a pallet, the IBC is solid,…

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