Livestock farming

What are the different types of livestock farming by different types of animals?

Livestock is a very important sector for developing the rural economy. This work consists of multiplying animals for human use. In developed countries, it is mainly about the production of meat, eggs and milk. On the other hand, for developing…

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What are the agriculture-livestock relationships?

Agriculture and livestock farming have been practised for millennia. They are classified as primary activities. A large part of the world’s population lives from agriculture and livestock. These are activities that guarantee the survival of human beings. Indeed, the outputs…

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Industrial and organic livestock farming: the differences

Animal husbandry is a set of activities carried out in order to multiply animals so that humans can use them. This way of multiplying is different for each type of farming. You are a bit new in the field and…

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What is “social dumping” in the agricultural crisis?

Social dumping is a scourge that affects different areas and the agricultural sector has not escaped it. It has significant repercussions that are fuelling the agricultural crisis that is already raging in Europe. What does social dumping have to do…

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Cattle feed: the importance of minerals!

Did you know? Livestock is one of the key sectors of the human economy. More clearly, this field is of paramount importance, because without meat, a large part of the daily menu would disappear. Therefore, having quality livestock farming naturally…

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Online purchase of quality feeds for ruminant livestock farming

Feeding your farmed ruminants well is an effective way to ensure quality meat and milk production. To keep them in good health, several feeds are to be preferred. This article will help you buy quality ruminant feed online. The importance…

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