Will animal nutrition become exclusively organic?

There are different types of animal food manufacturers and vendors. The products they use are different from each other. It is important to make the right choice when buying and especially to favour organic products for the health of the animal in question.

Animal nutrition keeps pace with industrial livestock farming

Animal nutrition must always be appropriate to the feed requirements of the animals. Humans mainly grow oilcake, maize and barley for animal nutrition nowadays. Livestock Farming tends to become more and more industrial at the moment as for cattle. Grasses and pastures are slowly being replaced by soybeans and cereals these days. Flour and various pellets are also part of animal nutrition nowadays. This replacement is due to the fact that livestock farmers want a fast and beneficial production result from their livestock. Good quality feed that can be intended for humans is therefore offered to the various farm animals. The animal nutrition that results from industrial livestock farming requires a rather enormous amount of water at present.

The raw materials used in animal nutrition are agricultural

Today's animal nutrition uses totally agricultural raw materials. This requires a large planting area. It is also a common practice to grow protein plants for animal nutrition. Protein is extremely necessary for animals. Protein plants include sunflowers, peas, lupines and many others. The various meadows also offer protein plants for animal feed nowadays. The market price of animal feed materials has been rising sharply for some time now. There are still some differences in this price in different countries. Each country uses the plants that are most abundant in the region as raw materials for animal nutrition.

Today's organic animal nutrition is a threat to humans

Today's animal nutrition uses enormous amounts of land for cultivation. A large part of perfectly cultivable land is reserved for the production of animal nutrition, especially for farm animals. Grazing, as a source of animal nutrition, covers areas of land that are not covered by ice. Most of the land qualified as agricultural is used for animal feed. Crops are therefore almost all used for animal nutrition, but what about human nutrition? With all this land cultivated for animal feed, organic becomes the main basis for animal nutrition. This fact is observed all over the world: as in France, Brazil, Paraguay and elsewhere.
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