Farming the correct know-how in agriculture

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Farming: the correct know-how in agriculture

Intermediate Bulk Container:
What is it?

What are the different types of agricultural crops?

  • Conventional agriculture or classic agriculture.
  • Organic agriculture, also known as ancient agriculture.
  • Multifunctional agriculture in developed countries.

IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container. There are synonyms also like pallet tanks and IBC tanks.

The IBC is a container for the safe transport and storage of all kinds of products. These can be food or non-food products, in powder or liquid form. The size of the containers varies from 450L to 3000L, although the most common capacity is 1000L.

Very solid, they can be transported with a forklift truck or a tractor equipped with forks for example.

Moreover, they are generally made of steel, stainless steel or HDPE plastic with a wire cage to reinforce them. Sometimes they are plastic or wooden pallet boxes.

Finally, they usually rest on pallets. They are filled by removing the cap or lid. In addition, they are often equipped with a useful draining system (tap, valve, etc.). You can visit NANOLIKE for more about IBC containers.

Environment, recycling and used container

The IBC container has many advantages. From an environmental point of view, its sturdiness makes it possible to transport hazardous products without risk.

In addition, they are generally made of plastic or metal, elements that can be easily recycled.
Best of all, you can clean them for reuse. If you maintain them regularly, you’ll extend their lifespan. Which results in significant cost savings and guarantees optimal hygiene.

These containers enable you to transport and store solid and liquid goods safely.

When agriculture & animal husbandry interact!

Livestock production

Livestock production concerns in particular breeding as well as cows. It is widespread throughout the world and is considered a great resource for each country.

Livestock and the environment

It still has impacts on the global environment. The different breeding techniques and animal production are strongly linked to the environment.

Chambers of Agriculture

Chambers of agriculture are world-renowned organizations. Their role is to train and teach good techniques to young farmers.

Building organic agriculture : what are the challenges?

- Organic Farmers